John Randall Quintet - Insomnia

Mike Fletcher - alto saxophone, flute
Phil Robson - guitar
Chris Montague - guitar
George Fogel - nord, fender rhodes
Tom Farmer - bass
John Randall - drums

1. Insomnia
2. Blues For SJ
3. What's Changed
4. 10%
5. Break In
6. The Way You Turn On Me
7. Disco Shoes
8. Goodbyes


CD PRICE : £12 (incl. p&p)


Chris Parker, Vortex Magazine - November 2008
Label boss Clark Tracey first heard drummer/composer John Randallís music in an examination context at the Birmingham Conservatoire, and was, in his words, Ďtotally mesmerisedí. Itís easy to see why, presented with these eight examples of Randallís craft: theyíre bursting with musical ideas, rich, dexterous, vibrant and original... more
The basic quintet comprises Randall with Mike Fletcher (alto/flute), guitarists Chris Montague or Phil Robson, keyboardist George Fogel and bassist Tom Farmer, and they donít so much move easily between as totally disregard as irrelevant genres such as jazz/rock, hip hop, abstract electronic music; Randall simply has all these types of music in his compositional palette and uses them as required by the demands of his varied and intelligent writing. Montague (who will be familiar from his work with Fraud, Troyka, the James Taylor Quartet) and Robson (no introduction required) perhaps draw the ear most readily with their spikily arresting, texturally adventurous playing, but this is essentially group music, infused with raw energy but refreshingly subtle and complex enough to reward repeated listenings. Recommended. less

The Jazz Breakfast/Wordpress - December 08
This is a remarkably accomplished disc of music written and a directed by a young leader who clearly knows his mind. Together with Randall are Mike Fletcher on alto and flute, George Fogel on keyboards and Tom Farmer on bass. On guitar on some tracks is Chris Montague and on others special guest Phil Robson.more
Itís quite tough music, precise and sometimes mechanistic, the electric piano and insistent drums giving it a shiny, metallic feel on the title track. Long, snaking melody lines are played in harmony by guitar and saxophone on Blues For SJ. Robson injects a gentler tone in 10%, but he rocks hard too on Disco Shoes, perhaps the albumís most appealing piece, complete with slowing and speeding sections. less